Book Review: Music Listography Journal

There's no better inspiration for writing this blog than Chapters Indigo. Bios. Great Music Selection. Poetry. Starbucks. It's no wonder my last Associate Teacher loved it there so much.  I love it there too.  I'm a frequent visitor of the Bay and Bloor location, a great study break from OISE and libraries.

Lisa Nola's Listography series is a best-seller at Chapters Indigo.  Writers eat it all up.  Documenting everything - your love life, friendships, and even a bucket list.  Music Listography: Your Life in Playlists is a list of journals chronicling the most significant songs, albums, concerts of your life.

Here's some ideas from the journal that teachers can easily tweak for any writing assignment on how music plays a role in the students' lives.  Rather than "list", students can "choose" and write why they selected those songs.  

I chose my favourite list topics from the book applicable to the classroom and grouped them under musical evaluation, biography, and exploration.

Musical Evaluation
  • List the twenty albums you'd bring if you were leaving planet earth on a spaceship.
  • List the best soundtracks.
  • List the songs that drive you crazy.
Musical Biography
  • List the songs to play at your funeral.
  • List the songs you thought were about you (a.k.a. your theme song).
  • List your motivational self-help anthems.
  • List the most treasured music memorabilia you've owned.
  • List advice you follow from lyrics.
  • List a song to dedicate to each of your friends.
  • List your summertime road trip mix.
Musical Exploration
  • List your obscure musical discoveries.
  • List your guilty pleasures.
  • List bands and genres of music to explore someday.
Happy writing! :)

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