Book Review: Hip Hop Speaks to Children

I just got home from TES class where we had our School Life Involvement poster exhibit from our last practicum.  Right behind my group's Feel Fit Club display was Boys Rap: Reading and Perspective by Ana Pascolo, Susan Lee, and Danielle Triagini. Providence? I think so :).

The objective of their club is basically what my whole blog is all about.  They had this book on display and as a source for a couple of their club's activities at St. Dominic's.  I was flipping through it, and look what I found...!

Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight"! I totally called this song back in January before I got hold of this book.  At least now I have print reference.  Books sound more convincing than blog posts, especially New York Times Bestsellers.  The book is geared towards junior students in elementary.  Just goes to show that primary kids can learn about the issues and messages in these songs too.

The book references a variety of poets and lyricists, almost indistinct from each other - unless you're familiar with the work and artists.  From Gwendolyn Brooks to Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah.  Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King Jr. to Tupac Shakur and Kanye West.  I highly recommend the book.  

The only drawback is that the CD tracks are mostly spoken readings by the author.  So you'll have to find the songs sung by the artist yourself.  They're not included in the CD.  Otherwise, great find!  I'll be referencing a couple songs and poems from here in my future posts.  Research #10!  Why do I get the sinking filling that my Research page gets longer while my postings are way overdue for updates? :S

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